To the Editor:

Kim Thatcher should be re-elected as your Oregon State Representative for House District 25 because she understands the threat to public safety posed by foreign national criminals (criminal aliens) living in Marion County.

Marion County on October 1st had 287 criminal aliens incarcerated in the Oregon Department of Corrections prison system, more than any other Oregon county.

Of the 531 inmates incarcerated at the Marion County Correctional Facility (MCCF) on October 11th, sixty-two prisoners were criminal aliens, approximately 12 percent of the jail population.

During the 2009 Oregon State Legislature legislative session Rep. Thatcher sponsored and supported House Bill 3440 that would have required the MCCF to verify the immigration status of prisoners in the jail and allowed the Marion County Sheriff to enforce federal immigration laws pursuant to an agreement with the federal government.

Kim Thatcher, showing her empathy for crime victims, sponsored HB 3440 at the request of Craig Cox in memory of Judy Cox who was killed by a criminal alien who had been convicted numerous times for drunken driving.

Voters should reelect Kim Thatcher as their- State Representative for the public safety of all House District 25 residents.

David Olen Cross