To the Editor:

I found this article surprising that after several complaints City of Keizer community development department “ordered” La Hacienda Real to repaint their building a more “muted” color.  I personally never found the original color offensive (too vibrant) and that it complimented the restaurant’s interior design.  This establishment serves wonderful Mexican cuisine and has been a real plus for the Keizer community.

If the Community Development Department is going to be vigilant on color code enforcement of business buildings, I would like to see them become more vigilant on code enforcement of vehicles parked improperly in residential zones, especially RVs that are never used (and often not licensed) but use the Keizer streets for storage of these unused, unwanted vehicles.  Not only do these vehicles devaluate surrounding properties, they also hinder monthly street cleaning which then affects sewer drainage – something Keizer residents pay dearly for.

One can register complaints with the code enforcement office, which will send out violation notices and sometimes involve the police to issue “warning” citations, but in the past 12 years I have never seen this particular Keizer Development Code enforced in my surrounding neighborhood—Arcade Ave.N.E., Kimberly Ct. N.E., Lisa Ct. N.E.).

Chris Koch