To the Editor:

I was shocked to see that La Hacienda Restaurant was painting their place to match their one in West Salem. What surprised me even more was the fact there is a color code ordinance in Keizer.

The bright colors surprised me but did not bother me as it did some Keizer citizens. When I first noticed it I said to myself those colors would be a good reference mark when giving directions and sure help in a bad snow storm.

While we are on color choices perhaps the Community Development Director, needs to look at the burnt orange house on Chemawa, east of Verda Lane and while he is up that way how about that strange blue colored house on Dearborn. When he is done there he should take a look at the Army green house near 15th and Rafael.

I never knew that Keizer was so provincial.

The funny thing is those bright colors are common in other countries.

As my late Mother would say “No accounting for taste.”

Myself, I’m not a good judge of color, so I ask for help, too bad more people don’t.

Peter DeBeck