Day: October 13, 2010

Council hears mouthful on fluoride

A mouthful – and then some – of talk about fluoride in the city’s water system got the attention of the Keizer City Council this week. A work session held Monday, Oct. 11, brought forth at-times emotional testimony on whether fluoridated water is a best-bang-for-your-buck public health maneuver, a futile exercise that actually harms some populations, or somewhere in between. The matter could be raised again at the council’s regular session this Monday, Oct. 18. Mayor Lore Christopher even raised the prospect of having residents vote on the matter, given the likelihood of a special election restricting big box retail stores in March 2011. Dr. Bill Osmunson, a dentist in Lake Oswego, offered a Powerpoint presentation declaring his opposition to fluoridating water, saying there’s no signs adding the substance to public water reduces dental caries, and is considered a poison. “When I read my toothpaste label … it says, Do not swallow,” Osmunson said, noting the same tube calls for contacting a Poison Control Center if swallowed. He acknowledged a worldwide decline in dental caries, but questioned if fluoride was the reason, saying countries that don’t fluoridate their water have seen similar declines. He presented similar statistics for states that are predominately fluoridated versus those that are not. “There’s no evidence fluoridation is the reason all this decreased,” Osmunson said. Other reasons Osmunson pointed out included increases cases of...

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