Celt Mychael Thomas charges the ball to cross it in front of the Oly goal during McNary’s game Tuesday, Sept. 28. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)

Of the Keizertimes

They might have won their game with Sprague, 3-1, but it was a 2-0 loss to McKay that had helped McNary High School varsity soccer team recapture their “swag.”

“We dominated the game in every way, we just couldn’t score,” said McNary’s Jake Paulson. “It was easily our best game so far.”

The only area the team sagged was finishing, said Miguel Camarena, McNary head coach.

“We were unlucky, but we need to keep working with the same level of intensity,” he said. “We missed four golden opportunities to score, but that’s part of the game.”

Finishing out attacks was high on the agenda for Celt Luis Garibay.

“We had a lot chances in the McKay game, we just seem to miss on the last touch,” he said.

While McNary walked away with a win over Sprague High School earlier in the week. Few were happy with the game as a whole.

“In the second half, after their first goal, our momentum started to go down again,” said Celt goalkeep Christian DeSantiago.

Hugo Gonzalez scored twice on the Olys and assisted Victor Palos on the other Celtic goal. DeSantiago made two saves during the game and Hugo Cortez recorded one save. The Celts had 10 shots on goal that didn’t make it to the back of the net.

Finishing will be key for the team as it moves forward with a new formation intended to keep possession and pressure high, Camarena said.

“We can play well, but you have to score goals to reflect that you are playing better. Unfortunately, we are lacking goals,” he said.

Part of the solution will be in better set-ups, DeSantiago said.

“We need to be sure that we’re placing the ball when we kick it and not kicking it to be kicking it,” he said.