Day: October 11, 2010

Netters sweep Titans, Saxons

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes No matter what the cards hold for them as the rest of the season unfolds, the Lady Celts have met the challenges on the court this season thus far. In the first month, the McNary varsity volleyball team has scraped and clawed in three matches with Sunset High School, a perennial powerhouse on the volleyball circuit. The most recent clash occurred Saturday, Oct. 2, at a tournament in Oregon City. McNary lost to the team in consecutive sets, 26-24 and 25-19. “We were just right there,” said Dustin Walker, McNary head coach. “A couple extra plays here and there and it could have gone the other way.” Despite the loss, there were plenty of lessons, said Celt Keri Stein. “It’s good because we’re playing against one of those top teams and it lets us know what we need to improve,” Stein said. “For us, it means limiting unforced errors and stopping when they get two or three points in a row.” Early in the tournament, the Celts beat Wilson in two, split with Centennial, and beat Oregon City high schools. In the first round of bracket play, the Celts faced down Oregon City again. “[Oregon City] is a good team and well-coached. To go out and win back-to-back was a huge lift for our team and real encouraging,” Walker said. The team...

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They ain’t no pushovers

There is no excuse for missing this year’s junior vs. senior powder puff football game, but for those still on the fence, here’s the best reason to show up: infectious smiles. No other McNary football game this season is likely spawn so many smiles from the field to the stands. The girls’ attitudes and the good times are as contagious as any pandemic. Tickets to the game Wednesday, Oct. 13, are $5 or $3 for students with a McNary ASB card. Kick off is 6:30 p.m. and proceeds benefit the McNary science department. We asked some players why their team was going to win this year and this is what they had to say: Beth Bellow, junior The juniors because we have more athletes and, even though they’re bigger than us, we have the will to win. Brittany Loving, senior Seniors because even though they have more players, we’re more skilled. Nikki Smith, junior The juniors because we have a bigger team, we’re working harder and we’re going to dominate them. Ariel Wilson, senior The seniors are going to win because we’re...

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What’s in your water?

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Fluoride – and whether it should continue to be added to Keizer’s water supply – will be the topic of a Monday Keizer City Council work session. It’s at 5:45 p.m. Monday, Oct. 11, at the Keizer Civic Center. Councilor Richard Walsh is pushing the issue forward first because of money, safety second. “Economically it’s questionable whether we should be paying for this in light of the benefits we receive,” Walsh said. “And the benefits we receive are questionable at best.” The cost of adding fluoride to the city’s water system adds up to $48,067 in 2010, according to a staff report by Public Works Director Rob Kissler. In addition, upgrading all the city’s pump stations to add fluoride will cost a total of $57,618. At the work session, councilors can choose whether to put the issue to a public hearing or formal consideration before the council. Kissler said the practice – designed to reduce tooth decay – goes back to the Keizer Water District (KWD) days and an advisory vote in 1982 where residents recommended adding fluoride to the water. It’s a polarizing issue: The Centers for Disease Control favors the practice, calling it one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century, along with vaccination and control of infectious diseases. The CDC also states on its website that “recent studies demonstrate...

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