In too many homes the cry of “Hey, mom, what’s for dinner?” is met with tears and growling stomachs.

The current economic climate has sent many more households in the region to supplement their daily food needs with a trip to a local food bank.

Each week the Keizer Community Food Bank’s shelves are left bare as more families who have never visited a food pantry now rely on it to stave off food insecurity.

The Keizer Community Food Bank receives donations of food and money from local residents and they also receive food from Marion-Polk Food Share, the large organizaton that supplies food to more than 80 food banks in the two counties.  Each year the number of people who seek food boxes goes up, more so these days because of the economy.

When a child is hungry or underfed they do not do as well in school.  Every child should have enough nutritious food to eat to assure they are ready for the school day.

It doesn’t matter if a person donates one can of soup or a whole pallet of rice, every bit helps when the need in our own background is so acute.

When a kid asks what’s for dinner, our community should do what it can to assure there is an answer that’s edible.