Day: October 6, 2010

Picking for the people

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes It’s an almost cruel contradiction. While more and more Oregonians face financial troubles and seek help from their local food bank, many have more produce than they know what to do with. Some may simply have an apple tree in the backyard; perhaps it’s a remnant of the orchards that dotted the Willamette Valley before the age of subdivisions. Some even have a full farm full of crops that, for a variety of reasons, the owners can’t or aren’t selling. “So many people have lovely, mature fruit trees in their backyard and they may not know what to do with all that fruit, not to mention rural areas so close,” said Lisa Clark-Brunell, who is project manager for Neighborhood Harvest. She and a group of friends and neighbors thought something should be done. They contacted Friends of the Salem Saturday Market, and made Neighborhood Harvest a program under its non-profit umbrella, meaning crop and equipment donations are tax-deductible. With the market’s dedication to increasing access to local, sustainable food, Clark-Brunell said it was a good fit. Nadene LeCheminant, who is on the harvest’s steering committee, had been picking fruit in Salem-area parks with friends already. “We noticed there was a lot of food going to waste, and we also knew there was a real problem with hunger in our community,” she said. “The Marion-Polk...

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Complaint triggers inquiry into Adams’ work on Measure 74

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes A complaint regarding Keizer Police Chief Marc Adams’ advocacy against a state ballot measure that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries is under investigation by the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. Adams is accused by Laird Funk of Williams, Ore. of violating an Oregon statute prohibiting public employees “from promoting or opposing candidates, election petitions, measures or political committees, while on the job during working hours,” according to a Sept. 22 letter from Carla Corbin, a compliance specialist for the Secretary of State’s Elections Division. Funk’s complaint stems from an opinion piece Adams penned that was published in the Sept. 17 edition of the Keizertimes opposing Measure 74, a state ballot measure that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Corbin told the Keizertimes that the penalty for first offense is $75, and is considered civil, i.e. it is not a criminal offense. “The statute says as a public employee you shall not campaign on the job during work hours, and no one can make you do that,” Corbin said. Adams has until Oct. 6 to answer Corbin’s questions, including whether it was written in Adams’ official capacity as chief of Keizer Police, whom determined the article’s content and whether “public employee, work time, supplies or equipment” was used “in the production or distribution of the article in question.” Adams was out of...

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