To the Editor:

Were you angry about congress passing a major health care bill that increases the costs of health insurance, increases taxes in the middle of a recession, puts the federal government in control of the health care you can receive, does absolutely nothing to reduce the costs of medical care, and guarantees the bankruptcy of the country in years to come?  Were you angry that they passed this law when the majority of Americans saw through the nonsense of this bill and were against it?  Were you angry that congressmen were bribed and threatened to vote for this bill?  Were you angry when they did an “end around” in the Congressional voting protocol to cram this through?

It is time for retribution. Vote against the people that did this to America.  No matter what else they may have done, this was a treasonous act. Vote Ron Wyden, Kurt Schrader, Peter DeFazio, David Wu and Earl Blumenauer out of office!

John Russell