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This week’s question: If you could, what would you add as the fourth word in Keizer’s motto of Pride, Spirit and Volunteerism? Explain your answer.

John Morgan, MorganCPS Consulting—
That’s tough as I think “get ‘er done!” and “just do it. “ Keizer is a community that does get it done, whatever it is. It doesn’t get bogged down or way over-complicate things as a certain city to the south does (thinking about chickens in the backyard here). It is a community that pulls together to get things done, to create great places and things and events, to engage people in a variety of ways to accomplish that which makes the community great. There’s the word – Accomplishment.

Kimberly Strand, owner, Willamette Valley Real Estate—
Gratitude:  I am grateful for the community we live in and how we work together to create a better living environment. I have come to a better appreciation of our community and what it has to offer because of my involvement in Keizer Leadership.

Dave Bauer, co-owner, R. Bauer Insurance—
Pride, spirit, volunteerism & friendly!

It’s a simple word that means so much.

Ever walk through one of our grocery stores and just get a smile or a head nod from someone you don’t really know?  Is it because we are small and the feel here, is something special? Is it because we feel comfortable, safe, and happy? Would we lose that if we were bigger?

Could it be better? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to disagree without getting personal?  Wouldn’t it be great if we all listened to each other before we made up our minds? Wouldn’t it be great if elected officials and the public shared ideas for the betterment of Keizer with good dialogue and decisions?

Our neighbors, the schools, our churches, the businesses we shop, the fire and police that serve us, our city workers, and all our volunteers,  have that special way of interacting with us that make Keizer such a nice place to live.

Friendly isn’t new to our town. Its been that way as long as I can remember.

Maybe if we included the word friendly in our motto it would catch on even more, like the other words. Not too many communities have more pride, sprit, and volunteerism than Keizer. How about making it even friendlier?

Vic Backlund, former state representative—
Perhaps the fourth concept that would best describe Keizer is success.

The use and meaning of the word success very effectively states what Keizer is and what Keizer represents.  Examples abound:  Keizer is a great place to live; our Keizer schools are well supported by the community and a good number of students are high achievers; athletic success is very evident at the high school level  (state championships in baseball (3), football (2), basketball (1) softball (1) and wrestling (1) and many, many championships at the youth athletic level; Keizer is a great place to shop; Keizer’s taxes are relatively low-to-modest; and city government functions effectively, to name several.

Marlene Quinn, event planner—
I would have to say supportive. The city of Keizer has shown time and time again that they will work with and support other groups in the city; for example, the Rotary Club, Keizer Parks Foundation, The Chamber of Commerce, etc… Their willingness to listen to and to work with these groups has proven to be very successful for the city and the groups involved.

Richard Walsh, attorney, Keizer city councilor—
If we added a fourth word to our motto it should be community. Our motto could then be Community Pride, Spirit and Volunteerism.  We shine our brightest because our actions (including our Pride, Spirit, and Volunteerism) are motivated by, and flow from, a deep sense of community.

Jacque Moir, former Keizer city councilor—

Hope that we continue to be the community that I have known for the last 50 years.

Hope that we will continue to keep our hometown feel while we continue to grow and be productive in the future.

Hope that we continue to care about the city of Keizer as a whole and not just the few blocks that make up our individual neighborhoods.

Hope that we continue to support one another and keep the core values that have been Keizer’s for so many years.

Hope that we never quit striving to make our community better, keep it safe and encourage others to join us that have the same basic values that have allowed us to live great lives in Keizer.

Hope that even as changes to our community occur we never lose sight of what it is that has made this community great.

Hope that we never forget those who went before us and had the vision of Keizer and what it could be long before we became an incorporated city.

Hope that our kids, grandkids and future generations are allowed the opportunity to live in such a great place and keep it safe.  Pride, Spirit, Volunteerism & Hope.