To the Editor:

I read that Keizer has 16 parks in the city.  I am happy for Keizer’s  families.  It must take quite a few dollars to maintain them, but  families are worth it.  For years I have been an advocate for children/family entertainment and activity centers .  My thoughts on this line began when my children were young and when two skate palaces were closed, and the last one several years later.  We even had an ice rink in West Salem.  Nothing for years replaced these avenues of entertainment for our young people.

I know of one resident here in Keizer who has worked endless hours trying to bring tennis courts to Keizer—I wonder if his hundreds of hours of efforts have been wasted with delays from a city council which thinks they know where, when and if they should be placed.

I had hopes that a library for Keizer would be on the council’s agenda some time and so far it doesn’t seem to be a concern. It looks like the library lease (Heritage Community Center) may be debatable for a longer extension , but an irrigation system for $19,000 is a concern of the council’s for the dog park and “huge changes” according to a recent article will be accomplished soon to make this happen.

Why and how can Keizer afford this when they can’t add on to the library or replace it into the civic center or another larger structure  so that we residents do not have to go to the city of Salem for our books to the tune of $65 a year?

Now it seems that the library and other civic needs may have to be put on hold while we beautify our streets, add expensive beautiful (?) statues to them and the dogs get first  preference—and many of us do not have dogs!

Am I missing something?

Lorna Moore