Of the Keizertimes

If there was a single emotion that dominated the McNary High School girls varsity soccer team’s 7-0 loss to West Albany High School, it was anger.

“They did a good job of passing and we had trouble keeping up with that in the first half. We were mad at ourselves for letting it happen and that helped us in the second half,” said Jordan Salinas, a McNary senior.

Defender Hailey Scoggins echoed the feeling.

“Even if it was 5-0 that wasn’t an excuse for not trying,” she said. “They were a good team, but we could have communicated better and worked together a lot better.”

Goalkeep Beca Aguilar allowed three goals in the 60 minutes she played.

“The team is getting better with the concept that our lines have to be compact, that we need to be more aggressive, score goals and be strong in the back,” said Miguel Camarena, Celtic head coach.

The Celts met Woodburn High School on the pitch Thursday, Sept. 17, and battled the team to a 2-2 tie.

Salinas and Hailey Scoggins both scored for the Celtics.

“We came out with a great head of steam, then they scored first, which forced us to regroup for the two goals we scored,” Scoggins said. “Everyone was working hard because everyone wanted to win.”

The team suffers when they aren’t communicating well and that made the difference in the Woodburn game, she continued.

“When we talk we’re good and our shape is perfect,” Scoggins said.

Communication on the field led to more controlling moments and less chasing the ball around the field, said Alex Van Amburgh.

Camerana was planning on mixing up the look of the Celt team in hopes of better results.

“We will have different formations during conference games,” he said. “We have to get better defensively and make sure that we keep our goal safe as much possible.”

McNary (0-1-2) hosts Sprague High School Tuesday, Sept. 28, and McKay High School Thursday,  Sept. 30.