To the Editor:

A recent article in the Portland Oregonian (“Gravel mines damage soil,” Aug. 27), informed us that two large tracks of prime farm land just to the north of us, one 175 acres, the other 400 acres, are about to be approved for conversion into gravel pits.

Why, I ask, don’t our environmentally-concerned decision makers care about our rich farmland?  we don’t need more gravel pits.  Our Williamette River is the best source of gravel our state possesses and it replenishes itself constantly offering an endless suply for the future.

Furthermore, one barge transporting gravel downstream would eliminate 78 truck loads of gravel trundling through our neighborhoods, which raise dust and tear up our roads.  It’s time to speak up to these public decision makers starting with the Yamhill County commissioners.

Richard Chesbrough