Day: September 13, 2010

Doc’s views shaped by time in refugee camp

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Dr. Anthony Pham, owner of a new chiropractic clinic on River Road, has come a long way from the grass hut he lived in as a boy in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Yet his time in Vietnam – and a year spent in a refugee camp at Bataan as a stopover on the way to the United States – shaped his view on life forever. “You make the best out of it,” Pham said. “I’ve learned to be optimistic in a very negative situation. That’s how I was raised. Post-war  (Vietnam) wasn’t much fun either.” Pham, 34, was born shortly after hostilities ceased in the nation. He and his family – father, mother and two siblings, with a brother born later – grew up in a hut, walking barefoot to school and swimming in sewage-infested waters. Pardon him if he chuckles a bit when he hears complaints of pollution in the Willamette River. “Everything from there is a step up,” he said. “I appreciate every day.” His father had been in the South Vietnam Air Force during the war. Although his family wasn’t facing persecution, Vietnam’s economy post-war was devastated. (Pham never had a bicycle until he lived in the United States.) His father took advantage of an opportunity offered by the United States – political asylum. It wasn’t an easy process – they...

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