To the Editor:

Re: Letter to the Editor, Keizertimes, Sept. 3 (Let the people decide ):

Please get your facts correct when you mention my name and that of Councilor Cathy Clark in your letters to the editor.

We have never said we oppose initiatives or a citizen’s right to vote.  It is unfair and untruthful to portray our opposition to one initiative as such.  As President Obama has stated “we can disagree and not be disagreable.”

Let’s move forward in that mindset.     Councilor Clark and I think that the initiative to ban local employers over 65,000 square feet is bad public policy for Keizer.  We oppose spending $20,000 in a special election and believe it is foolish spending when the initiative could have been included in the general election if the initiative had been startred earlier.  We continue to support every citizen’s right to the initiative process and to vote as they see fit.  As for Councilor Clark and I, we will be voting no to this specific job-killing initiative.

Lore Christopher
Mayor of Keizer