On Saturday, Sept. 11, McNary High School band members will spread out across Keizer seeking donations for its programs.

When a student in a band uniform comes knocking we hope that most  households will find a little something to offer, even if it’s only bottles and cans that can be turned in for the deposit.

The McNary band programs are some of the most respected in the state.  In a time of slashed arts in school budgets, Keizer schools have a found a way to not only keep their programs alive, but keep them thriving.

Inside every band member one will find a dedicated student who works together as a team to achieve their goals of excellence.  Anything the community can do to help the program along with money or volunteer time would  not be wasted.  It has been reported that students involved with extracurricular activites are involved students and do well with their studies.

Students go to school to learn in their classrooms, but there are also big life lessons to be learned by being part of a group larger than oneself, much as being involved with school sports does.

When band members come ringing doorbells on Saturday, Keizer should open its wallets and help retain this little part of what makes our city the quaint town everybody loves.