To the Editor:

When my parents retired they had planned to move to Salem but just by chance they went to look at a house in Keizer that was for sale. They had never heard of Keizer but soon found out that it was right by Salem. What they liked about Keizer was that it was not  a big city but was close to one.

When I retired I moved to Keizer because it was still very much a nice quiet bedroom community next to Salem.

Now our mayor and council members want to change it all, they think bigger is better. I disagree with that whole-heartedly, big is not better. Councilor Cathy Clark says we need shopping areas all over Keizer so you won’t have to drive across town to a shopping district.

What is wrong with having a shopping district? What do you get with shopping everywhere?  Strip malls,  which Ms. Clark says we need to move away from. Ms. Clark says clustered business are better but she wants shopping all over Keizer. She leaves me confused.

To me, if Keizer aims for a shopping district you get more of a town feel and leave the rest for single family homes. If we limit our growth you will see a turn around in areas like southeast Keizer.

A limited housing stock would get people to buy, fix and enlarge smaller homes and homes in marginal areas would start to change to be desirable. It would also help all areas of Keizer get back some of their homes’ value in time but none of that would happen with the present course being pushed by the mayor and the council.

Peter DeBeck