To the Editor:

Since its inception in 1998, the Courthouse Square project has been troubled.  First came the demolition of the entire square block of retail businesses.  This created a giant hole in the ground for many months while the county tried to figure out where it was going to get sufficient funding to complete the building.

Since 2002 when problems first started to appear, the current county commissioners neglected to maintain the building properly and then failed to pursue corrective maintenance and other measures within the statute of limitations (ultimate repose). Now taxpayers are left holding the bag.

What were the commissioners thinking? Sweeping these issues under the rug for so long led us to the final outcome—a golden wrecking ball and chain.

When the county commissioners say that this will not happen again, what fools do they take the taxpayers to be? We need an independent federal investigation into the problems and maintenance issues that were neglected for so long. When problems first appear is the right time to get them corrected—not years later when the building can no longer be fixed and liability time limits expire.

Roger Kaye