To the Editor:

I’m writing this in support of the efforts that a group I am involved with, Keep Keizer Livable, in limiting the size of buildings outside Keizer Station’s Area A to 65,000 square feet.  This group is composed of residents all over Keizer, not just residents from the area close to Area C, which several members of the Keizer City Council plus the mayor are trying to infer are the only members in this.

Two years ago the city council tried to back door an amendment that would have changed the master plan for Area C that as the original plan called for buildings there to be 10,000 square feet.  They managed to push this through despite many letters and petitions to not change the master plan.

What we are trying to do at this time is to get a ballot before the residents of Keizer, that would be on the March 2011 election so that all residents can vote whether or not they want to have big box stores cropping up all over Keizer or keep them in Area A which was the original plan.  This would be the only fair way to decide how Area C should be handled.  This is a misshapen piece of land bordered on three sides by residential areas and the baseball fields behind it.  Traffic is already bad and if this goes through we are at a gridlock.

Joan Pauley