Day: September 7, 2010

Renovations revealed at WMS

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes While many of the changes to Whiteaker Middle School are visible, the biggest one will be felt more than seen, said Laura Perez, Whiteaker principal. It’s repairs to the school’s heating and ventilation system. “We had one classroom where it would be almost 90 degrees and the room next door was 60 degrees,” said Perez. “Orchestra students were cutting the finger tips off their gloves to play inside the school. We’d adjust the temperature and it would get too hot the instruments would fall out of tune.” The school underwent a major facelift during the summer to repair several maintenance and  usability issues. Teachers were allowed into the school for the first time Tuesday, Aug. 31. Other repairs completed included: • Replacing the roof, windows, floor coverings, siding, water supply lines and damaged ceiling tiles; • Installing solid partition walls in eight classrooms; • New lighting throughout the school; • Sealing the building’s exterior. Funding for makeover came primarily from the $242 million construction bond that gained voter approval in November 2008. Funds for new lighting came from a grant. The installation of the solid walls in some classrooms will be a major improvement for the teachers and students using them. “We used to have accordion walls that could be pushed back to make two smaller classrooms one large space, but the...

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Coke is it for Keizer man

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes As a teen, Ron Cross would joke with a friend about the age-old question: Coke or Pepsi? Coke was Cross’ unfailing reply. Somehow the running joke turned into receiving Coke-related memorabilia during the holidays. “But you can only get so many shirts and coasters before you get bored with them or run out of room,” Cross said. “So I moved onto the [vending] machines.” And he ran out of room. So he decided to do Coca-Cola signs. And he ran out of room. So he decided to do Coca-Cola clocks, because they’re a bit smaller. And he ran out of room. “Finally, I got back to machines and started reselling the older items to get the ones I really wanted,” Cross said. Kicking back in “the Coke room” and sporting a red Coca-Cola T-shirt, Cross is surrounded by enough red and white that candy cane camouflage would make anyone disappear into the shadows. He’s even got a foosball table with a Coca-Cola logo. “I started about 7 or 8 years ago with one machine, and then I took a trip to Mexico and realized they had the right size bottles to fill it. They were typically pretty hard to find in the states, but once I could import the bottled Coke, it took off from there,” Cross said. Soon after stocking his first...

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