To the Editor:

Has anyone else noticed that some people try to rewrite history? A recent opinion in the Keizertimes accused people of Bush-Mongering when they point out some of the mistakes that our former president made while in office. Do you remember 9/11 happened under the Bush watch? Other mistakes include invading Iraq needlessly which cost our country too much in both money and people. The Bush administration used made up evidence to support the need for war. In addition to spending our resources, the Bush Administration cut taxes. Unfortunately, the George W. Bush administration continued to spend and borrow. They should have raised taxes to pay for their war. Do you remember Bush saying the Iraq war would be paid for with Iraqi oil revenue? George Bush made bad decisions for eight years and now many Republicans curse Obama for not solving the Bush mess in his first two years in office. The financial straits that the nation, states and individuals find themselves started during the Bush years.

Let’s be fair about former presidents of late. They all made mistakes and bad decisions in my opinion. This includes Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush.  I believe Obama has made several bad decisions and ill-advised statements also.  I feel he was naïve when he believed Congress could compromise on a health bill. What we got is a mess. The Republicans in the Senate did nothing to improve the bill. All they did was to complain. It was easy to see the Republicans want Obama to fail, no matter at what cost to the country. This is not unusual. Every party out of the majority wants the other side to fail. This is a complete disservice to the country. I think people have to be aware and leery of the professional left and the professional right. I believe President Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs, was correct when he suggested they should be drug tested. Those folks can never be satisfied unless they get everything they want! There is no room for compromise.

Bill Quinn