Day: August 20, 2010

Annexation plan for park addition approved

A tightly-restricted intergovernmental agreement between the city and Marion County to annex privately-owned land adjacent to Keizer Rapids Park has been approved by the Keizer City Council and Marion County Commission. The move would annex privately owned land adjacent to Keizer Rapids Park, along with a small portion of the park. The primary purpose of doing so is to allow urban renewal funds to purchase the privately owned land, currently owned by Ella Buchholz, with the possibility of adding it to Keizer Rapids Park. In order to annex the land a change must be made in the county’s comprehensive plan, namely that currently annexation is not allowed outside of the urban growth boundary (UGB). The amendment would allow the city to do so as long as annexed land outside the UGB maintains a rural purpose. This is the chief caveat in the agreement between the city and county. The land is currently zoned for exclusive farm use, and the agreement specifies the zoning will not change. It could be used for park purposes, the agreement states, with a conditional use permit. At a county commission meeting Wednesday, Aug. 18, Brandon Reich, staffer for the Marion County Planning Commission, said that throughout the process, the land would be zoned rural until coming within the UGB. Nate Brown, community development director for Keizer, said that the timing of the issue was...

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Rewriting history

To the Editor: Has anyone else noticed that some people try to rewrite history? A recent opinion in the Keizertimes accused people of Bush-Mongering when they point out some of the mistakes that our former president made while in office. Do you remember 9/11 happened under the Bush watch? Other mistakes include invading Iraq needlessly which cost our country too much in both money and people. The Bush administration used made up evidence to support the need for war. In addition to spending our resources, the Bush Administration cut taxes. Unfortunately, the George W. Bush administration continued to spend and borrow. They should have raised taxes to pay for their war. Do you remember Bush saying the Iraq war would be paid for with Iraqi oil revenue? George Bush made bad decisions for eight years and now many Republicans curse Obama for not solving the Bush mess in his first two years in office. The financial straits that the nation, states and individuals find themselves started during the Bush years. Let’s be fair about former presidents of late. They all made mistakes and bad decisions in my opinion. This includes Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush.  I believe Obama has made several bad decisions and ill-advised statements also.  I feel he was naïve when he believed Congress could compromise on a health bill. What we got is a mess....

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New stormwater dept. positions will assist with two key permits

The city’s stormwater program is adding two employees. The Keizer City Council authorized creating two positions – an environmental technician and senior environmental technician – to work on the city’s stormwater systems. Elizabeth Sagmiller, environmental program coordinator, said the hires are part of complying with three federal mandates. A key component of the senior environmental tech’s job will be data management, Sagmiller said. “If you consider that we have 2,300 catch basins in the city, then we need to know exactly where they are, and they need to go into a geographic information system (GIS) database,” Sagmiller said. “We’ll know what kind of basins they are; we’ll know if they’re connected to a UIC (underground injection control) device or just a solid piece of pipe, and what role it plays in discharging to a waterway,” Sagmiller said. The city currently has a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Permit (NPDES), which allows it to discharge stormwater directly into local waterways. This permit must be renewed, and the two employees, once hired, will assist Sagmiller in preparing a permit application. It must meet two more mandates to fully comply with the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act: • Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan – The state developed a plan that shows how much pollution can enter the Willamette River before bacteria levels, water temperature and mercury contamination render...

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40 runners race over hill and dale

Results are in for the third annual RIVERfair 5K trail run, held Saturday, Aug. 14, at Keizer Rapids Park. Raille Wilson, age 37, was the overall winner, at 18:43.6. Rounding out the top 10 overall placers were second Phil Crock, 19:12.5; third Chris Poole, 19:53.7; fourth Marvin Glassen, 22:14.0; fifth Brian Lauritzen, 22:30.9; sixth Steve Cannon, 25:18.1; seventh, James Harms, 25:35.9; eighth, Trudy Schug, 25:50.6; ninth, Bill Steen, 26:07.6; and, 10th, Mindy Stubenrauch, 26:31.8.. At age 12, Erik Hammerquist was the run’s youngest competitor. He clocked a 29:25.2 to finish 12th overall and first in his division. The oldest runner was 75-year-old Bill Henry. He placed 40th at 48:46.5. Schug was the highest placing female runner. For more photos of the run, and all of RIVERfair, visit our photo...

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Agafya Kurochkina

Ms. Kurochkina, of Keizer, died Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010. She was 101 years old. Services for Ms. Kurochkina were held Tuesday, Aug. 17, at the Slavic Christian Church of Salem. Arrangements by Keizer Funeral...

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