Of the Keizertimes

Adjustments to the 2010-11 budget of the Salem-Keizer School District, reflecting additional cuts that total $18 million, were approved by the board of directors Tuesday.

When the board adopted the budget, it was aware that it did not address new reductions Gov. Ted Kulongoski had identified. At the board’s June meeting, Superintendent Sandy Husk said the reductions would bring the total budget cuts to $23.8 million.

Specifically, the additional reductions will be:

• $6.6 million from the new school start-up fund and the risk management reserve.

• $2.3 million from compensation. All district staffers have agreed to take four unpaid days, two of which will be student contact days.

• $2.8 million from full-time equivalencies by freezing and vacating positions.

• $2.93 million from funding from supplies, materials and purchased services including computers and other technology.

• $870,000 from funding for new textbooks and career/technology education expansion.

• $2.5 million by transferring from the capital maintenance budget for bond funds and reducing the transportation budget.

The board also approved two purchases involving planned elementary schools: a $109,000 strip of West Salem land for a berm to separate a 47-acre school site from nearby houses, and a $1,371,901 parcel in South Salem for a school site.

Board members filled a barrel with donated school supplies in response to a drive by the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation to lessen the impact of the budget cuts.

Personnel actions approved by the board included changing the status of Mara Arnold, a second-grade English as a second language teacher at Weddle Elementary School, from contract full-time to contract part-time, as well as employment of:

• Laura Hyman as a temporary full-time first grade teacher at Gubser Elementary School.

• Emily Blanshan as a first-year probation part-time music teacher at Hazel Green and Lake Labish elementary schools.

• Erin Nichols as a first-year probation part-time counselor at Claggett Creek Middle School.

• Angela Yuranek as a first-year probation full-time second grade teacher at Cummings Elementary School.

• Heather Stein as a second-year probation part-time music teacher at McNary High School.

• Joyce Benson as a second-year probation part-time first grade English as a second language teacher at Cummings.

* Teresia Adams as a third-year probation full-time learning resource center teacher at McNary.

*Melanie Austria and Michelle Percy as contract full-time third grade teachers at Clear Lake Elementary School.

The board accepted the resignations of Dawn Castronovo as a kindergarten teacher at Cummings and Vincent Suetos as a DLC teacher at McNary.