To the Editor:

Last night I went to my second meeting of Keep Keizer Livable. I would like  to clear up some things that came up last night that the public should know.

The real issue is not about a Walmart coming to Area C at Keizer Station, but how the mayor and council changed the meaning of mixed use. They have increased the building size for all areas in Keizer, whether it is Area C, the property behind St. Edwards Church, along Trail Avenue and all the property north of Lockhaven Drive along River Road. These are not all the areas that fall under mixed use.

Second, I, like a lot of others at the Keep Keizer Livable meeting,  do not live near Area C as you might have been led to believe.

It comes down to at some point almost anywhere in Keizer might face this issue right at their doorstep.

It is time for slow growth or no growth and for anyone who runs on that issue would get my vote.

Peter DeBeck