To the Editor:

As you go in the main entrance to Keizer Station off to the right is an old house. The City of Keizer just acquired the property. Almost 30 years ago that house was moved there from site where the Faith Lutheran Church now sits.

I have yet to hear the city’s plan for it but based on the near past, my guess is either be burned or torn down. This would be another loss of Keizer’s past.

I would love to see it saved and moved to another location in Keizer but the question is where should it go? I have a couple of suggestions.

It could be moved to the 400 block of Marino Drive and be put in place of the house with the sod roof. This would would be a difficult move to a tight spot. Another spot is to the site of the old Keizer Dairy on Verda Lane between Chemawa and Dearborn. It could join the  Huber house.

After talking to some of my neighbors, we all thought a good place for the house would be in Keizer Station, by the creek, and make a show place out of it.

Perhaps we could get HGTV program Massive Move to film it for their show and get some free advertisement for the city.

Moving houses is nothing new to Keizer if you talk to some of the old timers, as it was done a lot.

It was a lesson taught me by Walter Knott, the founder of Knott’s Berry Farm. He thought it was important to keep old buildings so people could see the past, not just read about. I saw them move St. Mark’s Episcopal Church from Downey to Buena Park in California,  a journey of almost 25 miles.

As Joni Mitchell sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

Peter DeBeck