B. Elliot

Like many, a medical emergency led Bill Elliott to the Silver Sneakers program at Courthouse Athletic Club in Keizer.

Bill enrolled seven years ago after suffering a stroke. He appreciates the program’s low-stress environment.

“Workouts are relatively easy. The thing I like about them is that nobody gets on your case. If you can’t do something, just sit down and nobody’s going to yell at you to get with the program,” he said. “Just standing next to a chair and holding on while moving your feet is a challenge.”

Still, Bill challenges himself enough to gain benefits.

“I’m actually too close to the situation to notice the improvements,” he said. “I depend on others who look at me and say you’re getting better.”

Support is another key component.

“Well, it’s basically essential. It would be hard to keep going if you didn’t have it,” he said.

Bill attends the class three times a week. He also lifts weights.