Day: August 4, 2010

Funding for Chemawa project approved

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes About $450,000 was approved from the city’s street fund to pay for part of an improvement project on Chemawa Road N. While it’s not expected to break ground until 2012, surveys and plans will be taking place throughout the next 12 months. Total project cost is about $2.30 million, with about $960,000 coming from the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and another $883,000 from the Transportation Enhancement Program. From River Road west to the city limits – just west of 15th Avenue – separated sidewalks, bike lanes and rain gardens will be added, Public Works Director Rob Kissler said. From the city limits west to Keizer Rapids Park, a multi-use paved path will be installed. Between the path, sidewalks and bike lanes it will allow pedestrians and bicyclists access all the way to Keizer Rapids Park without having to use the roadway or the shoulder. What is up for debate is what the intersection where Chemawa, Windsor Island Road and Shoreline Drive meet will look like. Possibilities include a roundabout and adding turn lanes. Kissler said surveys and determining exactly where the public right-of-way is – and how much will need to be acquired – will play a role in what happens there. “Until we do that we won’t know what design elements will fit,” Kissler said. He has requested that staff from the...

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Grassroots Government

Parks Advisory Board When they met: Tuesday, July 13 What they did: Vickie Hilgemann, a former parks board chair, said conditions at the Keizer Rapids Dog Park have deteriorated to the point where she will no longer take her dog there. She said the dog has to wade through high weeds and smells strongly of urine after visiting, to the point where she has to bathe the dog when she gets home. She said it needs to be mowed and irrigated more regularly and suggested a public-private partnership. In addition, she reported Kim Steen of D&J Dog Grooming has been inquiring as to the status of a drinking fountain she donated funds for, and wants the money back if it is not completed within the next six months. She also shared a letter from Kim Girouard – whose Keizer Veterinary Clinic made a large donations to build the park – decrying the parks’ neglect. She did, however, have some good news: The Wild Wild Rec summer recreation program is growing every week and has gotten good reviews from attendees. Public Works Superintendent Bill Lawyer said the city plans to have water at the park in this fiscal year, but has been on hold due to pending property acquisitions. He hopes to have this done in August. Board members indicated they would work on installing the sprinkler system. Parks Supervisor...

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