To the Editor:

There is little doubt about it, our city leaders and the Chamber of Commerce have decided that Keizer Station is the site of our new downtown and the business center for Keizer. A transit center, a hotel and medical offices there would certainly prove this point.

Once a big box, low cost, grocery store is built at Keizer Station you can shut off the lights, the party is over for many merchants along River Road. I believe the transit district made the correct decision when it decided to locate their transfer center there. They wanted their center where the action will be.

I believe the construction of new sidewalks, the placement of benches and art work, the hanging of a few banners along River Road added little to the business climate on our thoroughfare. Yes, we will still have banks, fast food restaurants, gas stations and of course taverns with video games for our convenience there. It will continue to be Keizer strip mall.  On the positive side there may be less local traffic on River Road so it will be faster to drive to Salem for work and for our major shopping and entertainment adventures.

Bill Quinn