I kept getting phone calls about how much fun I missed at the McNary Estates Hawaiian Luau held at Tuff Ranch BBQ at McNary Golf Club, on Wednesday, June 30.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a great relaxing event. The event was a Business After Hours event hosted by the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, OSU Federal Credit Union and Legacy Real Estate.  This event kept growing as other real estate companies wanted to be involved with their client’s homes to be on tour.

Nineteen homes were on tour at McNary Estates.   Hosts for the event were the owners of Legacy Real Estate—James Hauge, Kathy Hauge and Patti and Gary Williamson.

OSU Federal Credit Union was represented by Mike Corwin.

Christine Dieker, executive director of the Chamber, and Paula Moseley, assistant director, were seen hanging around the BBQ pig, baked by Tuff Ranch Restaurant and encouraging people to partake of all the great food.

Everyone had such a good time that it might be scheduled for next year.  James Hauge and Debbi McCune were the hard-working co-chairs of the evening.


On Sunday July 4,  I accompanied Rick and Jill Day to their skybox for the Patriotic night at the Volcanoes Stadium.  It was very inspiring.

Jerry Howard  arranged a great program, introducing veterans, and current members of the military.

One veteran was more than 100 years old.  Also, troops representing the  Revolutionary and Civil wars were on hand for the patriotic theme. The evening was clear and a bit cold but the Volcanoes won the game 14-1.

The ending was great with cannon fire from a howitzer, which shook the stadium and got our attention for a show of fireworks I have not seen in years.  At evening’s end, Jerry Walker was on hand to wish everyone goodnight and said thank you for coming.


Anna and Issac Parker were seen at lunch with Isaac’s mother visiting from Hawaii.  They were planning to go to Salem’s Riverfront Park and watch the fireworks show there.