B. Ebbs

Brayden Ebbs returned home with two third place medals from a national youth wrestling tournament held in Orem, Utah.

The 10-year-old competed in the Greco and Freestyle divisions.

“I don’t know,” Brayden said when asked the secret of his success. “I’ve been wrestling for a long time.”

Bradyen entered the tournament a little hesitant about his chances, as he is more familiar with the collegiate style of wrestling than he is with either Greco or Freestyle. So his performance surprised him.

Brayden is the son of Trisha and Jason Ebbs, head coach of the McNary wrestling program. He plays baseball and football when not wrestling.

“When it comes to wrestling, it’s kind of the family business,” Brayden said, who added he’s already one-upped his father.

Brayden said his father was no stranger to national tournaments in his younger days.

“My dad had seven chances but never became an all-American,” said Brayden. “I became an all-American on my first chance.”

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