Day: June 29, 2010

Five Guys shows an interest in Keizer

Ask us a question about just about anything and we’ll find the answer. This week we checked with two popular hamburger chains to see if Keizer locations may be in their future. If there’s one thing Keizer doesn’t lack, it’s restaurants featuring hamburgers. But two chains – one a Northwest mainstay and the other a newcomer to the area – have gotten attention from our readers. Sarah G. asked us via Facebook when we might expect a Burgerville, and Paul N. is wondering if Five Guys Burgers and Fries is considering Keizer. A caveat: It’s important to understand that, in any leasing situation, changes can happen rather quickly, or negotiations can stall for years at a time. We get all the official sources we can before putting forth an answer, but it is hardly an exact science. First, let’s answer the question about the chain that’s a relative newcomer to the area. Five Guys consists of both franchised and corporate-run stores, and was founded in Virginia in 1986. It boasts more than 500 locations 35 U.S. states and in Canada, and recently opened its first Salem-area location on Lancaster Drive. The style is known in the restaurant business as fast casual – little or no table service, but it’s not quite fast food either. Molly Catalano, a spokesperson for Five Guys, told us the only planned new Oregon location...

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Local man’s studiousness rewarded with fellowship for science teachers

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Keizer’s own Matthew McCollum has always had an interest in the outside world around him. Now thanks in part to a five-year $150,000 fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, he’ll get a boost in passing on that curiosity to the next generation. McCollum is a 2005 McNary alumnus who holds a physics degree from Linfield College. He will be attending the University of Alabama-Birmingham in the fall to obtain a master’s degree in education, and is currently working as a research technician in the university’s pathology department. He grew up attending Keizer schools, going to Gubser Elementary and Whiteaker Middle before moving on up to McNary. “Growing up I always excelled in science, and I really loved it,” he said. His interest was sparked by the outside world, he said – a curiosity about nearly everything. “At such a young age, I wouldn’t even call it science,” McCollum said. “I didn’t think of it as a subject. “… I was fascinated with water and how you could put it in a bottle and freeze it, and the water bottle would explode. I was always in my back yard just kind of discovering things. He credited two former McNary teachers in particular for encouraging him in his interests. “My freshman year, with (Gary) Miller, we did something called the sludge test where they gave us...

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