Day: June 15, 2010

Trader Joe’s sign was a mistake?

UPDATED: City officials say a sign posted at Keizer Station – with a Trader Joe’s logo – was a mistake. “The sign is all a mistake,” said Community Development Director Nate Brown. “There is no deal done for Trader Joe’s, Old Navy or Marshalls.” Allan Conant, executive vice president of TubeArt signs – who is building the sign – confirmed the error. “They’re coming down in the morning,” Conant said. “They weren’t supposed to be on there. I looked at the wrong print and they got put on there.” Brown said the information came from a Keizer Station official. We’ll have more as soon as we find out. Here is the original story: Keizer Station has a new sign – and it looks like a new tenant. Upscale grocer Trader Joe’s sign was spotted on the development’s new sign today. A Keizer Station official declined to comment and referred reporters to their outside public relations agency. More details as they become...

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Just Ask: Will we see commuter rail from Portland?

Ask us a question about just about anything and we’ll find the answer. This week’s question is about extending commuter rail to our area. “A few years ago a developer talked about the possibility of a light rail line coming to Keizer and Salem from Wilsonville. Is this on any agenda or has a timeframe ever been discussed?” – Keith F., via Facebook Dear Keith, You’re asking about what is known in industry parlance as commuter rail. The line from Wilsonville to Beaverton is the Westside Express Service (WES) and runs every 30 minutes during rush hour. Light rail is more like the Tri-Met train system in Portland, with frequent stops. Commuter rail is for slightly longer hauls – and, more importantly, can run on heavy rail tracks, which light rail cannot. You’ll likely not be surprised to learn the biggest single obstacle is money. An estimate on running commuter rail from Wilsonville to Salem was around $300 million. “Show me the money,” was the answer Rail Study Director Betsy Imholt of the Oregon Department of Transportation gave us. “There is no state money to do these projects, so there would have to be some local funding source. … Rail projects are expensive. When we talk about dramatically improving the service between Eugene and Portland, we’re talking billions.” There’s also the issue of rail lines, and the freight trains...

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