There was simply no quit in Susie Fedler, Kristin Phillips and Taylor Jones.

As a result of their tenacity, the trio were honored with Celtic Pride awards, given annually to those McNary athletes who compete in fall, winter and spring sports each of the four years they’re in high school.

Susie Fedler

Fedler gives the school’s sense of community an assist for her accomplishment.

“Well, it’s really awesome being a part of McNary because everyone is so supportive here,” said Fedler, who competed in volleyball, basketball and track. “Just playing three sports all four years, it’s been tough. But it’s been very rewarding as well.”

Susie Fedler

And it almost didn’t happen. She contemplated taking a break this spring.

“I couldn’t decide if I was going to do track,” Fedler said. “And then everyone was like it’s your senior year, you might as well as finish out. It was basically at the end of basketball that I was making my decision to play track or not.”

A short conversation with Athletic Director Mike Maghan proved enlightening as well.

“I didn’t even realize that I was one of three until Mr. Maghan came up to me and said, ‘you know, you’re a Celtic Pride winner.’ And I’m like what? And then I realized what he was talking about.”

The accomplishment was equal parts toughness and fun.

“It was really hard, but I love playing sports. So it was also fun at the same time,” said Fedler.

Next up for the senior is Oregon State University, where she expects to play club sports.

Her parents are Jenny and Steven Fedler.

Kristin Phillips

Kristin Phillips concentrated her time and energy on soccer, swimming and golf.

“I played soccer because I wanted to keep in shape for golf,” said Phillps. “And I swim, kind of, to socialize, and to keep in shape, because I’m not the best swimmer.

Her passion is golf. And her dedication and talent paid dividends as she’ll golf for Idaho State University in Pocatello next year.

Kristin Phillips

Phillips qualified for three state tournaments as a member of the Lady Celts golf team.

“I started golfing when my parents started it, and I grew to love it,” Phillips said.

Her mother is Kim Phillips, the McNary swim and girls golf coach.  Ken Phillips, her father, is an assistant principal at West Salem High School.

Sister Katie also received a golf scholarship to Idaho State University, although her athletic career there ended this past spring.

Kristin Phillips was goalie for the Lady Celts varsity soccer team that advanced to the state playoffs in 2009 for the first time in years.

She was aware of Celtic Pride because Katie received the honor five years ago. But she didn’t see it as attainable.

“I didn’t really think about Celtic Pride while in high school,” said Kristin. “Like I’m going to be a 12-sport athlete.”

Taylor Jones

Taylor Jones and sophomore Deven Hunter were mainstays on the Lady Celts’ varsity volleyball, basketball and softball teams that went 41-1 against conference foes in 2009-10.

Jones was the libero in volleyball, point guard in basketball and second basemen in softball. She was a first-team all-conference selection in basketball and softball.

Taylor Jones

“I’m very honored,” Jones said of Celtic Pride. “It’s definitely had its struggles, but I’ve enjoyed it so much.”

Like the other recipients, Celtic Pride kind of just happened.

“Going into my freshman year, I didn’t have my mind set on being a Celtic Pride award winner. I’ve just enjoyed all three sports and I’ve stuck with it,” Jones said.

Not that there weren’t moments of doubt.

“I often had times where I was, like, I need a break, or I need time off, because time management was so difficult,” she said. “I’d go to school. I’d go to practice. I’d do homework and I’d have a game or a choir concert or whatever. It was just nonstop.”

She learned a lot about life through sports.

“I learned there’s ups and downs. There’s times when you don’t get along with your coach. There’s time when you don’t get along with your teammates,” said Jones. “But there’s a common goal that has to be reached, and there’s a time when you have to work with other people to achieve that goal.”

Jones will play basketball at the University of Puget Sound.

Her parents are Darcie and Bob Jones.