Day: June 10, 2010

IN THE RING: Under what circumstances would you support criminal charges for some BP executives?

Art Bobrowitz, Compass Rose Consulting: “Should BP executives be held accountable? Yes. In this case the criminal and civil probe will have deep implications. The media is reporting that several months earlier this same oil rig was given a safety award. How did that happen? That thought is troubling. “The related question that needs to be asked is how much money the federal government will make off this one incident? I also read where Senate Democrats are planning to tax oil companies and create an oil spill liability fund. They want to raise $15 billion over the coming decade in case we have another catastrophic spill in the Gulf. “The bottom line is three steps need to be taken. First if you can prove negligence, file charges for the negligent operation of the platform. Second, file charges against the industry lobbyists for the wasteful campaign contribution that did nothing to help stop this scenario from happening in the first place.  And third, every time you pull into a gas station and take out your wallet you can thank your congressman for showing you 15 billion different ways you too can be outraged.” Warren Franklin, KYKN radio personality: “This is a complicated matter.  Is BP guilty of criminal activities related to the oil leak?  I’m sure there will be an investigation.  What is most important in my mind is getting this...

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The man with the master plan

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Born in El Paso, Nate Brown lived on a Navajo reservation until age five, when his family moved to Castro Valley in the San Francisco Bay area of California. He went to a community college there before going on a two-year mission to Alaska for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, spending time in Juneau, Skagway and Anchorage. “You couldn’t call home except for Christmas and Mother’s Day,” Brown said of the experience. “It’s a pretty austere life. You get up, you do your studying, you go out and contact people, knock on doors – and just trying to teach people.” That said, it was an invaluable lesson in learning about others, and how to deal with people, he said. “It’s cool to develop a relationship with people and be able to share your beliefs and have them acknowledge it,” Brown said of his mission. “… It’s also a really good experience teaching you about people, about how people tick. At that young age, you’re pretty naive about the world.” He said the time also taught him “not to make assumptions about what’s going on in other people’s lives. They make their own choices, and that’s OK.” While he was on mission his parents moved to Utah, so he joined them there and enrolled at the University of Utah’s art history...

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