To the Editor:

What a refreshing and pleasant surprise I witnessed at the Keizer Iris Parade this year.

Being a part of the parade is one of the things I most enjoy each year and in the past I have had some unusual entries, such as a fire-shooting propeler truck and a boat-car.  This year my entry was a vintage World War II military vehicle on which was mounted an American flag.

As the parade progressed down River Road, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who stood, removed their hat and placed their hand over their heart, as the flag passed.  There were many elderly who would have struggled to stand but who honored their country and their flag with a smart salute or with hand over heart.  It was uplifting and made me proud of those patriots who still honor the American flag the way it should be honored.  To those proud Ameicans:  God bless you all.

Bob Gallagher