For the Keizertimes

The proposed 2010-11 budget for Marion County, at $343,414,714 is 0.77 percent more than the current budget.

John Latimer, county chief administrative officer, presented his message to the Marion County Budget Committee on May 4.

“We have designed this year’s budget by considering its impact on future years,” he told the committee. “While we know some of the economy’s immediate effects on the county’s financial condition, there are many unpredictable events that could affect budgets and programs well into the future.”

The proposed budget, which Lattimer said is based on maintaining county programs at the current year’s reduced levels, includes a general fund of $77,518,080.  The full text of his message can be found by going to the Marion County home page, and clicking on the “Hot Topics” link. The website also includes the schedule of budget committee meetings.

The public can view the meetings live on CCTV or in person at Courthouse Square or in the Senator Hearing Room. The next public comment period will be at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday.