Day: May 14, 2010

Keizer wins with home rule charter

To the Editor: We live in an era of bitter partisanship and this measure is one small step toward ending that partisanship at the most important level—locally, where our tax dollars are spent and where we can have the most potent impact on government. Much of what the county spends is the result of decisions made at the state and federal levels.  Decisions that the commissioners make are largely the result of responsibilities assigned to counties by state law.  At this level there are no Republicans or Democrats; just ordinary citizens wanting a reasonable voice in their government. The charter provides that opportunity and brings democracy closer to the voters, enabling engaged citizens to seek office that the current process discourages.  With a charter, the residents of Keizer would have their own voice as nearly 80 percent of the district would include Keizer.  With a charter, candidates would seek office without regard to party affiliation.  This means that the 20 percent of voters who have no party affiliation would have a voice in deciding, in the primary election, who will represent them.  This is a voice that they do not now have. Richard van Pelt...

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Vote yes on Measure 24-292

To the Editor: I have been volunteering at the grass roots level with the campaign to pass Measure 24-292. It’s been very exciting and I’ve really enjoyed meeting folks from Keizer during the campaign. This measure would adopt a home rule charter for the county and Keizer would benefit by getting its own county commissioner. Keizer has never had someone from the city serve on the commission and it would be a first. Let’s all vote for 24-292 and break new ground in Marion County. Mary Kamppi...

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