FRIDAY UPDATE: The Budget Committee restored portable toilets and weed control within Keizer parks Thursday night. The budget still must be approved by the Keizer City Council.

Of the Keizertimes

As the city looks to close a budget gap, many parks – quite literally– won’t have a pot to pee in.

They’re asking for $1,600 to bring back portable toilets for six parks in the next fiscal year. Currently, Keizer Rapids, Claggett Creek and Chalmers Jones parks have funded portable toilets in the next budget cycle. Keizer Little League Park has permanent bathroom facilities.

Without the restored funding, those at Country Glen, Bob Newton, Ben Miller, Northview, Willamette Manor and Wallace House parks will be taken out by the end of June. There is, included in the budget, toilets for Bob Newton, Claggett Creek and Willamette Manor for a nine-week roving recreation program from June 22-August 19.

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It was a unanimous recommendation from the parks board, Chair Jeanne Bond-Esser said.

The board is also asking that $4,800 be added back for fertilization and weed control. Some board members fear that eliminating the maintenance will only increase costs down the road.

“None of these seven city parks are receiving it this spring, either, due to the freeze in the budget,” Bond-Esser told the Budget Committee on Tuesday. “That makes two consecutive years for the parks not to have fertilizer and weed control once a year.”

As far as park improvements, they will be scarce in the upcoming year. Parks systems development charges – which are not part of the general fund – will pay for an easement from 15th Street to Keizer Rapids Park to pipe water to the park.

Purchase options on two land parcels adjacent to Keizer Rapids are also included.

In addition, the four part-time seasonal workers usually brought in to maintain parks will be reduced to two in the proposed budget.