The 40th Earth Day was observed on Thursday, April 22.

The concern about pollution and the environment begat Earth Day and eventually the creation of the  Environmental Protection Agency under President Nixon in 1970.

Global warming and climate  change were not major issues then—it was about cleaning up our skies and our waters.

The environmental movement of the early 1970s  spawned our current green revolution—reducing, reusing, recycling and lessening our carbon footprint  Opposing sides will debate whether man’s carbon footprint contributes to global warming and climate change.  Some say global warming  is just a step in Earth’s natural pattern.  While they debate we should all do our own little part in reducing waste and our carbon footprint as much as possible.  We can do our part right here in Keizer.

Plastic bottles should be recycled rather than be thrown into the trash where it ends up in landfills.  We have called for the city to look into banning plastic shopping bags in Keizer.  Hundreds of thousands of plastic bags are used in Keizer each year, many of which also end up in landfills.  While some of the plastic shopping bags  are reused as garbage bags at home, reusable cloth shopping bags is a simple solution to reduce our local carbon footprint.

We here in Keizer should care about carbon footprints because we can.  If we can reduce the amount of waste that is hauled off to the landfill or if we can recycle more of our renewable resources, why not?  It’s easy enough to do and we’ll do our part as members of the global family.