Day: April 22, 2010

IN THE RING: How to stay on top of public hearings

We asked our panel: “What tools should the city use to inform residents of public hearings on issues that affect Keizer?” Jeanne Bond-Esser, retired educator and parks board chair: “Clearly, the information is ‘out there’ (on the City website, for instance), but that’s not really the difficulty so much as getting the attention of people who might be interested — and sometimes getting technical language translated into what it might mean in ‘real life.’   “But everyone can’t pay attention to everything all the time just in case something relevant might come up. We lead busier lives than that. So, we have to rely on a few to keep on top of things, direct our attention, and maybe put it in plain language.   “For me, that’s the Keizertimes (on Friday, or a bit earlier on their website) and my neighborhood association (West Keizer) via e-mails and monthly meetings. Jim Willhite and Pat Ehrlich, vice presidents, Gubser Neighborhood Association: “The Keizertimes is an excellent source of information on what is going on in the city and decisions that are being considered. Additionally the city web page, which already indicates actions being considered by the city, could be used even more as an information resource.  “The final resource we have in the city for informing people is Keizer 23.  It would seem this would be another resource that could be used more effectively. “But...

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