Day: April 16, 2010

IN THE RING: Yes or no on home rule?

Roy Duncan, retired State of Oregon analyst: “There are those among us that seek problems to be solved, even when some of us believe those problems Don’t exist. And there are some that seek an opposite opinion on issues for reasons we can’t understand. I believe they are called contrarians. I have always been a simple man. The quickest way to cross the road is to follow a chicken. “Also, I have been around long enough, thank God, that I have seen others try to fix this non-problem before. As near as I can tell America inherited the Home Rule idea from England along with taxing or exterminating Tea Parties out of existence. (Pretending to be a Tea Party person to demean them from within appears to be an Oregon school teacher’s idea.) I was against Home Rule 20 or 30 years ago when some locals got the same bee in their bonnet. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We waste efforts when government ignores real problems, i.e., taxes too high, always new government programs while ignoring the real mandates, etc., and creates a straw man to try and justify it. Trying to solve problems that Don’t exist is a waste of time, money and other resources. There is virtually nothing HR can accomplish versus a General Law County. NO TO HOME RULE.” David Philbrick, parks...

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Youth run will benefit CF Foundation

By LANCE MASTERSON Of the Keizertimes Taryn and Lauryn Robison are not ones to let others do their running for them. The 9-year-old twins have cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive systems of approximately 30,000 children and adults in the United States.  But they’ll be in the pack when the gun sounds for the start of the KIDZ 3K Run for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The 3K is part of the Iris Festival and is Saturday, May 22. This marks the run’s second year. But the first time that it will be tied to an important cause. Organizers expect up to 300 runners. “Kids with cystic fibrosis, it’s important that they remain active to decrease the symptoms of their disease,” said Chelsey Franz of Therapeutics Associates – Valley Physical Therapy, the sponsors of the race. Franz added: “By sponsoring this run, and making the community aware of it, we’re helping them stay active, which is awesome and beneficial for them.” The 1.8-mile course will take runners up and back along River Road. The twins, who expect to run the length of the course, will be joined by their classmates. The Robisons attend Willamette Christian School North Campus. The school has an enrollment of some 40 students, including Evan Robison, the twin’s younger brother. Therapeutic Associates is covering the $12 entrance fee for every student...

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Beauty, learning made possible one tile at a time

By LANCE MASTERSON Of the Keizertimes Beauty and learning is coming together at Cummings Elementary School … one tile at a time. This artistic convergence of students and tiles was made possible by the school’s Parent-Teacher Club (PTC). “The PTC has worked really hard to do some beautification projects around the school, as our school is more than 50 years old,” said Kathy Kaiser, PTC president. “And we decided we wanted to do something that incorporated learning as well as beautification. So we thought the artist in residence program would be a fabulous way for kids to take ownership in something that would also beautify the school.” The club’s search eventually led them to the Salem Art Association and then to artist Sam Bernardi. “They found me through the Salem Art Association, on the artists’ roster,” said Bernardi. “We talked over what (the PTC) wanted and how to structure it. They liked what I presented and so they contracted me to do this.” The merging of  minds decided on three large mosaics, each measuring 4-feet by 8-feet. “We felt a mosaic was something that every child could do regardless of age,” said Kaiser. “And we thought mosaics were a great way to tell a story.” Themes included history and symbols of Keizer, history and symbols of Oregon, and the joys of reading. Each mosaic will be hung in a...

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